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Please change your smoke detector batteries twice a year and test them frequently.  In addition, all detectors over 10 years old MUST be replaced.  Our department responds to a high number of false alarms due to malfunctioning smoke detectors!  Changing your batteries and replacing old detectors helps minimize these calls and ensures that they are working well when you need them.


It's good practice to keep a fire extinguisher on every level of your home, installed near each exit as well as in your kitchen! Select one that is multi-purpose -- large enough to put out a small fire but not so heavy as to be difficult to handle. It's also very important to KNOW WHEN TO GO! While fire extinguishers are an important part of home safety, we also want you to have a SAFE ESCAPE!   Make sure you have and practice your fire escape plan with all members of the household.


Duck Fire gets a lot of questions about grills...and we want you to know this:  it is HIGHLY DISCOURGED to grill on our wooden decks, near structures and overhangs, or near vegetation. Stationary outdoor grills should be entirely CLEAR of vegetation.  And while the leading cause of a grill fire is failure to keep it clean, having it too close to something that can catch fire as well as leaving it unattended are both very unsafe to you and your surroundings.


With the use and ownership of golf carts gaining in popularity, we want you to know some important safety information!  For starters, golf carts need to be regularly maintained according to manufacturer's directions.  And when it comes time to charge their batteries, make sure you do so in a well-ventilated area -- well away from all flammable materials.  Avoid recharging in your enclosed garage (as many do!) -- monitor this process, perhaps while working in the yard or relaxing at the pool.


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